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Give Me a Break: Metal Detectors in Theatres and Guns in University – What Next?

Yesterday afternoon I went with my mum to see an afternoon film at Fifth Avenue Cinemas in Vancouver. At 4:40 in the afternoon, few people were at the movies, although I know this will change when the fall rains arrive. As we were exiting the theatre, we noticed a worker putting up reserved seating signs so I asked him what the next event was and he explained that it was a premier screening for a new movie called “Won’t Back Down.”

Sounds fun, I thought as my mum and I made our way out of the lobby and into the grey afternoon sun. As we passed the lineup I was shocked to see security guards with metal detectors scanning each and every member of the audience as they entered the theatre. It doesn’t seem like a particularly violent movie, but how sad that we have come to this. “The world,” my mother pointed out, “has changed so much since I was a girl.” It’s true. It can seem like such a threatening place sometimes.

Last night I lay in bed drifting off to the CBC, I listened in shock about a recent decision in Boulder, Colorado that allows students at the university to carry concealed weapons, ostentatiously to ‘protect themselves’ from other shooters.  I have never heard anything more stupid or illogical in my life and agreed with the poor professor who worried about facing a classroom of students knowing that some might be armed. Yikes, have our southern neighbours completely lost their collective minds? More shocking, this was a Supreme Court decision, supposedly made by educated people able to read statistics and understand that where there are guns, there is violence.

Sometimes I wished I lived an ocean away in a saner place… Today I will go for a long walk on the beach and think about my writing, aware that all too often, imagination trumps reality every time!

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