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Vancouver Mayoral Candidate Bob Kasting on Vote Splitting: In His Own Words:

My friend, Bob Kasting is running for Mayor of Vancouver. That’s pretty exciting for me! Maybe I will be on a first name basis with the next mayor. Better yet, I know what kind of a person he is, so the city would be in the hands of someone with integrity who cares about the stuff I care about; recycling, daycare, transit, affordable housing. Maybe we could get rid of those plastic bags and that is even more exciting!

Anyway, Vancouverites seem to be concerned about ‘vote splitting,’ so I asked Bob if he’d guest blog his thoughts for me, right here. And he agreed so read on. Oh and PLEASE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 15th!

As an “independent” mayoralty candidate, I have been asked a few times if I intend to “split the vote”. I think what is meant by this is whether I intend to have people vote for me as mayor who, if I didn’t run, would vote for someone else. That is actually completely true. In that sense, I do intend to “split the vote”.

But if I didn’t run for mayor, who do you think those people would vote for, assuming they are part of the 34% of the population who will actually vote.

It might be that the teaparty sorts think I will peel off some of their votes; or maybe the Maoists and Trotskyites think I will peel off some of theirs. I don’t know, but I will make a few confessions and you can decide for yourself.

I once worked at a country club in St. Louis, where the rough political division was between Republicans and real Republicans. But I also protested the War in Vietnam and rallied to free the Black Panthers. I confess that I live in Point Grey and belong to a tennis club, but I also recycle my bottles, compost my food for my flower boxes, and built a cottage deck this summer out of recycled wood.

I went to Yale where I studied political science where I was the member of a secret society, but I also went to the University of Stockholm where I got an “A” in a graduate course in European Marxism and where I walked, rode my bicycle and took the subway.

I also once touched John Diefenbaker’s hat and ate pizza with Rene Leveque (admittedly not at the same time) But that doesn’t make me either a prairie populist or a fellow traveller with quebec separatists.

So, I am not sure which other candidates I will be taking votes away from. But I do think that having an independent mayor, who is not beholden to the financial support of large real estate developers is a good thing. And I do think that Vancouverites should be given the choice of voting for an independent mayoralty candidate, of which I am one.


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Vancouver, the NPA and Peter Ladner for Mayor

I’m blogging on behalf of Vancouver City Councilor Peter Ladner. You may or not be aware that tonight the NPA Board overturned any bid to challenge Sam Sullivan for his mayoralty candidacy within the NPA. Peter wants a chance to run as mayor under the NPA against Sam. He needs your help.

The fight has only begun. Last night, the NPA board made the decision that all elected NPA candidates that are currently elected cannot have their candidacy challenged: They will automatically be on the ballot without facing a challenge by any other interested candidates within the NPA. Peter wants to challenge Sam Sullivan as the NPA mayoralty candidate and needs your support.

Peter has an impeccable record: he has consistently proven his popularity in the polls, coming ahead of Sam every time in every election, when they were both city councilors. Vancouver wants Peter – we are hearing this over and over again.

I’m not going to bash Sam. His record is public.

Peter needs your help. It’s simple. On April 22nd, the NPA will be holding their AGM. Despite last night’s ruling, we will continue to sign up new members and on April 22nd, we need you to show up at the AGM, membership cards in hand, and let Sam Sullivan know that we will not be bullied. Peter Ladner is the better choice for Vancouver and the NPA, and he can win.

Peter needs your help
. You have to join the NPA to get Peter there!

I know it’s a huge commitment to join any political party – I’m pretty left wing, and I’ve always been a Cope or Vision kind of gal, but I also know Peter, have for years. He’s alright. Rides his bike to work, doesn’t think much of twinning the bridges, wears fun shirts, loves his kids and wife and is not happy about getting shot downtown.

I also believe in democracy, so this is why I’m on side with him. If you want to support Peter, at this point, it means membership.

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