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Kidnapped — That’s what Good Friends Do!

I’ve been offline for few days. Not my fault. My very good friend, Evil 2, declared me a “workaholic,” and kidnapped me — spiriting me off to the sunny, hot Okanogan Lake, Naramata, or more specifically, Indian Rock.

Only locals will have a clue where Indian Rock is, but those that do will know it for the paradise it is. Everything is perfect about this little corner of heaven, except my cell phone works only intermittently and I couldn’t pick up a wifi signal despite all of my efforts and a few prayers to the Powers That Be.

In the end, I gave in and accepted I would have to put down on my electronic toys (except for Pod, because I have an awesome portable player), and immerse myself in all of the wonderful things Okanogan has to offer — swimming, sea-doing, kayaking, fine dining and even finer wine…

I took pictures of the road trip from Van to Indian Rock and posted them here.

Approaching Keromeos

Approaching Keromeos

Our \"big-assed truck\"
The Indian Rock of Indian Rock

The Indian Rock of Indian Rock

There are far too many pics, and I’ve not got around to organizing them, but they really do give a good idea of what the drive is like along the most magical Hope-Princeton Highway (which, in my opinion is the only way to go).

In the end, I didn’t have a big problem with being stolen away from my computer. Summer is like that — it’s so important to take advantage of good times, and all too often, it is easy to forget this.

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Three Days at Indian Rock

Four to six hours from Vancouver (depending on how fast one drives and how willing one is to get a speeding ticket) is a very special place I have been going to every summer for nearly 15 years. It’s called Indian Rock and lies twenty minutes outside of Penticton, just beyond Naramata in the Okanogan. Wine lovers and sun-worshippers will know be familiar with this area — often referred to as the Napa Valley of BC.

On Monday, I decided to get there as quickly as possible and hopped a Westjet flight to Kelowna — in under 40 minutes I was embraced by the hot, dry air so foreign to those of us who dwell in the rain forest and an hour later I was sipping Red Rooster’s finest on the shores of the Lake Okanogan. This is what Paradise Looks Like

I’d intended to do some serious work on my next book, but instead spent my time reading (finished two books — Timothy Taylor’s Stanley Park; thumbs down, and Joan Clark’s An Audience of Chairs — big thumbs up).

As can be seen in the photos, the gardens were more beautiful than can be imagined and the pics do not do them justice. I’ve created another web album for those of you who might like to see more images. My friend and I opted to drive back to Vancouver — a slow and easy road trip that involved lots of junk food, music, leisurely stops and conversation. It’s calving season in ranch country and we saw so many sweet baby cows that we are not sure we can ever eat a burger again.

That said, I’m off to the dude ranch in Ashcroft in the morning and I’m pretty sure Angus beef will be on the menu. I’ll be posting the pics from my weekend on the ranch next week.

In the meantime, as someone who thinks like me once said: “Ain’t nothin’ like ridin’ a fine horse in new country.”

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