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The Best Thunderstorms in Canada

As I write this post, I am in Ontario, a few hours outside of Toronto, alone in the house, because my friends are out doing errands. I’ve got my ipod on at a volume which will surely cause some damage to my eardrums, because outside the plate glass windows surrounding the room I am sitting in, I see lightening flashing across the black sky accompanied by exploding bursts of thunder.

I come from the rainforest, but we don’t get storms like this in the lower mainland in BC. It’s quite terrifying. Someone told me (I think), not to turn on a TV during a thunderstorm because that puts one at risk of ??? spontaneous combustion??? (I think). I hope the same doesn’t apply for ipods and computers, or this will be my last post.

I am listening to JC Superstar — we saw it in Van at Theatre Under the Stars last week and it is a wonderul distraction from the angry heavens.

Hosana…at the top of my lungs…


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It’s Raining Again on the West Coast but We Love It!

After a hot long weekend, the rain is back and secretly welcomed by most of us who have grown up in the rain forest and can only handle two or three days of temps in the high twenties. Last night, I was jolted out of a deep sleep by thunder — something we don’t often experience here, but I quickly fell back into dreamland, happily buried under my quilt — perfect sleeping temps had returned.

I took advantage of the heat this Victoria day weekend to fit in a few kayak outings between the launch of my friend Norma Charles’ amazing new book: The Girl in the Back Seat and the CWILL Master’s Writer’s Workshop I attended, where author/actor CC Humphreys led us through a series of discussions and helpful exercises — fun to be a student and not teacher for a change.

While Jen was in San Francisco, little bro (who is now 18 years old) came along for a day at Gambier Island — forty minutes away geographically from Vancouver, but a world away from everyday life.

Still no word on when my new book is being released, but all of this activity has inspired me to start on novel number 6 — Today!

I’ve added a few snaps to my web albums!

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