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Rejection Woes: When Editors Don’t Bother to Reply

One of the things that is really hard for me to handle as a writer is when I am not rejected properly. I can handle rejection – it’ s part of writing for a living and even the most successful writers have to deal with this (think Stephen King, and there are many others). As an editor, I always, always let writers know why their article made not have made the cut, and the cool thing is, most of those ‘rejected’ writers come back at me with a really good and publishable piece for suite.
I can’t imagine just ignoring them. Which brings me to today’s rant. This has bugging me for months, so here goes.
Last summer, I sent an article into Westjet Magazine (Up) about things to do within an hour of Montreal – they’d asked for this type of submission, and I had the information, having spent so much time in Quebec and loving every second. I didn’t get a reply, not after months, not even a “sorry, but your article sucks…” I asked around and discovered that they had a reputation for this, so I didn’t feel quite so bad. Instead I sent off a reminder type email and another one after that.
They never bothered to reply and reject me properly, which is why I no longer post their deals on this site. I used to do that because it’s so great to get away from routine for a while and hop a cheap flight to warmer climes or great mountains, and I got lots of hits on that part of this blog. Too bad, Westjet – I didn’t ask for my work to be accepted, just rejected nicely. It only takes a few minutes to write a quick “Thanks for submitting to us, but…” email. And that goes a long way.

This is just a funny sign and it made me laugh when I needed a laugh

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