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Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Whale Meat! Get in Touch With Jeff Bezos (CEO)

Amazon.com claims on its website that it’s “always looking for ways to further reduce environmental impact.” What’s not environmentally, or animal, friendly is selling hundreds of whale products — from endangered fin whales and whales killed in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary — on Amazon.jp, its Japanese subsidiary.

Clearly, killing endangered whales doesn’t serve conservation, but it’s also terribly inhumane: These enormous animals can suffer for up to an hour or more after being struck with an exploding harpoon before finally dying.

You can help! Tell Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to do the right thing now: Ban the sale of all whale products on Amazon.jp, and stop profiting from the cruel slaughter of whales!

There’s more. Whaling also undermines international treaties, AND it’s proven that many of these whale meat products contain levels of mercury higher than Japanese national limits — a danger to human health.

Enough is enough. As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon and its subsidiaries have a significant impact, both in terms of the amount of goods sold and through influence on consumers and other businesses. A change in its policy on this issue could make a real difference.

Please take action today and help save whales! Tell Amazon.com to make the humane — and right — choice.
Thank you so much for caring about animals.

Andrew Rowan, President & CEO, Humane Society International

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