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Kitty Moffat Strikes Back with Vengeance!

This morning, Kitty Moffat went in to the vet to get her yearly check up and vaccinations. Kitty hates the vet, as much as I detest my dental visits, and I understand her fear and loathing. Unfortunately, I did not go with her; Pete did and he didn’t realize how important it is to get her in and out of there as quickly as possible, instead, chatting amicably with the vet, while she planned her revenge. Now, those of you who are friends with KM, know she is a princess and quite sweet, at least in appearance. For those of you who don’t know her, here is her picture:

Kitty’s nephew, Little Sheilagh, unlike her father, Pete, has a healthy respect for Kitty and knows that when she is stressed, it is better to keep her distance.

The vet some how managed to weigh Kitty, (she’s half a pound lighter), check out her vitals (all good) and give her one of her three shots before she decided she’d had enough, at which point, she lost her temper and sunk her small and pointed feline teeth into the most tender part of Pete’s hand. Here is the text I got: Where are you? Need to go to emerg. Kitty bit me. Badly!

I wasn’t far and I raced to the vet, grabbed Kitty and brought her home – her new white knight. Next we drove to the UBC ER where Pete was bandaged up, given a prescription for antibiotics and told to watch for infection. Apparently, Sweet Kitty has a dirty mouth.

Now, they are both fine, although it will be a long time before Kitty forgives Pete and maybe allows him to rub her head or pet her. She’s sitting beside me as I write this, after a treat meal and lots of loving. She seems fine and I’m not sure if we shouldn’t just skip the next appointment at the vet altogether and chase butterflies in the garden.

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