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I Have the Flu

Even my skin hurts. It is at times like this that I am soooo glad that I work at home. I could never go into an office. I can’t even contemplate getting dressed or brushing my hair — even that is painful. I think Rosie gave me the flu, but I still adore her.

The only good thing is that I have no appetite so maybe it doesn’t matter that I can’t go to the gym or ride my bike. In spite of this, I am working on my book and doing loads of editing for other people. I have a big dinner here on Friday night with my girlfriends from CHS — one of whom is here from England to collect an award for “Alumni of the Year.”

Susan is CEO of Emergent Asset Management Company — their fund has averaged 29% while other funds around the world are tanking…

I have some amazing friends…


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