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The Perfect Cut Book Trailer By D.Q

Thanks to reader D.Q. who writes:

This is the first time i ever made a video for my english assignment. So its not a great trailer but its not bad either… 🙂 i think…
The book is called The perfect Cut by Julie Burtinshaw.

You can check out the book trailer here. I think it’s pretty good 🙂

The Perfect Cut on amazon

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Perfect Cut Reviewed on The Bookshipper Blog

978-1-55192-816-6 | Raincoast Books | RAI
Paperback | Price: $11.95

The Perfect Cut was reviewed on The Bookshipper Blog:

I believe that in today’s society, books about social issues are indispensable. The
Perfect Cut is one such book. Julie Burtinshaw has taken a hard look at one of today’s
most (unfortunately) common and much hushed topics – cutting.

While many people choose to believe this is a limited problems – in my opinion, it goes
right up there with eating disorders – both issues are growing in leaps and bounds and
people are choosing to ignore the problems.

The Perfect Cut describes the perfect, painful pleasure our main character takes in
cutting himself (yes, I did say “him”) as a way to release his stress, pain and sadness.
This book is doubly unusual in that it made its main character a male. Again, most people
will assume that cutting is strictly a female problem – but I do not believe this
argument. What is so fascinating about Burtinshaw’s book is that as the reader, I get to
“be” in Bryan’s mind – before, during and after he cuts himself. The vivid description of
the cutting and of the feelings he experiences make this book extremely difficult to read
and yet, strangely compelling at the same time.

Cutting is a complex issue and the author does not claim to have it all figured out –
yet, this book is a gem – in telling us, simply and honestly, what Bryan is living with
day in and day out (some of it in his head and some of it – his reality) we get a sense
that this person is deeply hurt and although cutting is not the solution (neither is
drugging, eating disorders or drinking for that matter) Bryan, in his own way, is trying
to do the best that he can with all that is bottled up inside.

I believe the time for this book has come and I suggest it be read by all Young Adults
and their parents alike – you are not going to like what you read, but it is OUR reality

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