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Children’s Writing Camp VPL 2010 Almost at an End

I have to say this week has flown by and I can hardly believe it is already Thursday and I’ve had the opportunity to spend writing time with two groups of kids. Tomorrow, is the gala event when parents, friends and families will have the chance to listen to some of the kids reading from their own work, and I’m 100% sure, they will be totally blown away.

I am having so much fun in the workshops that we have (at the kids’ suggestion) gone over time and today we were actually told we had to wrap it up! I love that – it means the teens are as happy as I am.

This particular group have such an amazing sense of humour blended in with a shocking amount of talent and a willingness to do what so many writers find so painful – share their work with a group – first draft work, that it!

So wait for it! These kids are tomorrow’s Lit Stars and you heard it from me first 🙂

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