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Is CBC Being Paid to Advertise the IPad or is there just nothing going on?

Okay, (warning: little rant)
I listen to various radio stations sometimes when I work and today I am listening to CBC Radio 1 in Montreal. All day they have been providing apple with free advertising about Ipad. Give me a break — it’s a computer, it’s flat, it’s sold out…
Everytime someone buys an IPad, the store staff can be heard cheering in the background and the excitement of the other suckers (I mean shoppers) can be heard in the background.

I am not a Luddite, but nor am I a sheep. Do I want to be fully controlled by Apple. I don’t want to be restricted to Apple programs. I kind of like open source – something that was explained to me once that makes total sense. So, to answer my own question: Uh, let me think.
Until I see how the whole touchscreen thing performs, I will wait and even then, I might not bite at all.
And apparently it sucks as a reader…

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