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Homeward Bound

It’s time to leave the land of Shakespeare and JK and fly home. The days have passed so quickly, and although I’ve done zero writing, I have kept up with suite work (thanks to the Wild Strawberry Café in Woodbridge). I’ve also drank pots of tea and tasted some really good local Suffolk beer – so happy.

It’s Christmas here – lights up, store windows decorated, making me think that when I get home, I have to go into ‘Santa mode…’ According to stats, women (on average) do about 300 hours of Christmas related, extra work leading up to the 25th…I plan to quarter that, but still…

Besides Christmas, it’s all about Wills and Kate…and I mean the papers are saturated. Had enough of that, for the time being.

Completely missed London this time 😦

Oh well, it’s been a really wonderful trip and once again, no jet lag. Here’s hoping it’s the same when I get home.

The Book Exchange at the Wild Strawberry: Woodbridge UK

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Woodbridge, Suffolk: Brower’s Bookstore

Here I sit in a bookshop/Internet cafe in Woodbridge totally engrossed in working when I suddenly had a moment of situational awareness and looking up from the keyboard realized that this little bookstore is absolutely packed with people reading, chatting and buying books. It made my heart warm and gave me hope for the literary future. Looking around, I notice that many of the customers are probably retired, that they are on-foot and this is part of their daily routine. They seem very engaged in life.

The bookstore walls are plastered in notices of upcoming literary events, author talks, historian talks, and theartre/concert flyers. I think I could happily spend months, not days here. Last night we ate at a wonderful little Chinese food restaurant which I will blog about in more detail when I remember the name. I arrived here completely exhausted: I left Vancouver at noon and landed, three hours later in Minneapolis (where moose seem to be a big theme). After six long hours there, I boarded a Delta/NW flight (very successful and I have no complaints at all) bound for Heathrow – 7.5 hours. Next the Heathrow Connect (4 pounds) to Paddington (maybe an hour) and finally a train to Woodbridge (at least an hour). I was truly tired and hungry, but so excited to see my auntie.

We slept really well and I have no jet lag. I think we will take the footpath to Melton, along the riverside, to a little pub for lunch. Need I say anymore?

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